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Green Comittment

How are we
going Green?

Check out our
Policy Statement






There is something "caring" about a Company having GREAT respect for the Environment.

Alan's Award Winning Photography (Alan's) is committed to preserving and protecting the natural environment. We recycle all plastics, cardboard, glass and paper.

Alan's chooses to operate its business with minimal impact to the natural world.

When choosing your photographer/videographer, look for their professional and eco certifications. Is the company certified through Greener Photography and have a Green Mission Statement.

Here is a point list of our Eco Green Friendliness.

- Contract to local vendors
- Ionize our own drinking water - no delivery truck emissions, no plastic bottles in the land fill
- Air conditioning de-Centralized - cools only the rooms we occupy at greater cost efficientcy
- Reduce, reuse, recycle whenever possible
- Use professional digital still and video cameras, rather than film processing
- Web based viewing, rather than printed photographs
- Use website rather than print marketing
- Email the majority of our digital files, and communications, rather than shipping documents or Disks
- On Site digital short run printing when needed-avoids trips to lab, no chemicals
- Use a local professional photo lab which reduces shipping distances
- Use rechargeable batteries in all our products - less landfill and chemical issues
- Home based, rather than operating studio as well. Lower energy expenses, less auto pollution
- Email footer suggests people think if this really needs be printed
- Use energy efficient LED light bulbs at work
- Buy used furniture.
- Buy furnishings locally.
- Keep our cooling set to 78 degrees or higher
- Bundle errands to minimize driving to/from home based office
- We use environmentally sustainable album companies. if and when our clients order paper based products.
These albums are:
• Acid-free, which keeps your photos in a PH-neutral, archival environment.
•Tree-free, made from 100% cotton linters, which are a waste byproduct of the textile industry.
•Chlorine bleach-free, keeping harmful chemicals out of our homes, not to mention our water sources.
•Sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers.






Our Eco Friendly success is based on passionate caring and consideration for the environment.



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