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When you find people as passionate as we are, making a difference here on earth, you know you are on to something. We produce "on the edge" photography and videos that help create a conscious awareness by often re-exposing the truths that have been hushed for years.

It is our desire to reintroduce humanity to Earth Saving Pollution FREE technologies like Zero Point Energy that include: Walter Russell, Schauberger, and Tesla technologies. Nikola Tesla imnvented Alternating Current, Fluorescent Light Bulbs, Radar, Neon, Wireless Electricity, and more. Click here for a fascinating short video on Nikola Tesla. Caution, this movie reveals much that is going on behind the scenes which is NOT Theory, but FACT!

We produced Breakthrough Power as one such video that you can watch by clicking here. Here is a link to this fascinating Breakthrough Power Book web site.

We can capture your important events in photography and broadcast quality High Definition Video on a budget, where you won't feel ripped off. We guarantee the quality and satisfaction of our work with the following ...... No Like ..... No Pay guarantee. You can be assured of high quality and service with an ironclad guarantee like that.

Specializing in On Location and Studio Events, we provide award winning photography and video talent and broadcast quality equipment, so your message is always crystal clear in content and quality.

Clients have hired Alan’s for over 20 years for our ability to communicate and collaborate.

We help turn Your Corporate Vision into Media Assets.

Call on us for award winning photography and video productions that get your message acted upon!

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